P2352 is a 30th Round licence situated in the East Central Graben of the Central North Sea, SE of the Marnock field. It contains prospectivity in the Palaeocene aged Forties Mbr deepwater turbidites play, the Jurassic aged Pentland and Fulmar Fms and the Triassic Skagerrak Fm play.

P2352 sits in the middle of the BP operated ETAP (Eastern Trough Area Project) region of the CNS, which has recently received a multi-million pound life extension project. To the south west is the Seagull development and to the south east is the Culzean development, both expecting first oil in 2019.

Over the licence area two Palaeocene aged sediment transport systems overlay each other. Nearby Tertiary aged fields are either salt dome/uplift related (Mungo, Merganser etc.) or large structural accumulations such as Montrose and Arbroath

Block Details
Licence No: P2352
Award Date: 01/10/2018 (Phase A – 4 years)
Blocks: 22/24f & 22/25g
Area: 88km2
Equity position: 100%

Dewar Prospect

Dewar is a Palaeocene aged Forties Member submarine channel situated south east of the Marnock field, at approximately 2900m depth. Part stratigraphic, part structural, this NW/SE elongate channel feature has an amplitude anomaly mapped at Top Forties that brightens strongly into the far offsets, with a predicted Class 2 anomaly. Recent technical and volumetric analysis based on newly available high quality 3D seismic has upgraded the P50 Oil-in-Place to 139 million barrels, and the Recoverable Resources to 39.5 million barrels.

Tesla Discovery

Well 22/24c-11 (Tesla), drilled in 2009 by GDF SUEZ, targeted the Triassic Skagerrak Fm which was found to be dry, but did intersect oil bearing Pentland Fm sands in the Jurassic. The discovery was judged to be non-commercial but highlights the working petroleum system in the licence.

Resource Summary

Project CLNR Equity Prospect Type PRMS Status  Prospective Resources (mmbbls) Risk Factor %
P90 P50 P10
P2352 100% Tesla Jurassic Discovery Not reported 100
Dewar Palaeocene Prospect 10.5 39.5 80.5 41