P2252 is a 28th Round licence located to the north west of the 600 BCF Breagh gas field which commenced production in 2013. Cluff have identified a number of high quality exploration and appraisal targets within Zechstein carbonates including the Lytham-Fairhaven fractured dolomite appraisal opportunity (168 BCF P50 Recoverable) and the Pensacola Z2 patch reef prospect (425 BCF P50 Recoverable) which is analogous to producing fields in Europe, although untested in the UKCS.

Block Details
Licence No: P2252
Blocks: 41/5a, 41/10a, 42/1a
Area: 357.8km2
Equity position: 100%

Pensacola Reef Prospect

The Pensacola prospect is a Z2 Zechstein reef partially mapped on 3D seismic data and analogous to similar structures identified on adjacent blocks. The reef is 15km long by 6km wide and clearly defined on 2D and 3D seismic with a distinct fringe and core which builds to more than 200m above the surrounding Z2 (Hauptdolomite) platform.

Similar Zechstein reef structures produce hydrocarbons in Poland, Netherlands and western Canada but are effectively untested in the UKCS and the Pensacola prospect provides an opportunity to drill a play opening well with significant running room in the play given the number of these structures identified locally.

Gas has already been proven in the Zechstein on block in the three wells drilled to test the Lytham-Fairhaven structure and the overlying anhydrite encases the reef providing a near perfect seal.

The fringing reef is expected to contain higher quality carbonate reservoirs than the reef core which may have reservoir potential or is equally likely to be comprised primarily of anhydrite based on the seismic reflectivity of the internal zone.  The fringing reef is estimated to contain recoverable resources of between 133 BCF and 650 BCF with a Best Estimate (P50) of 270 BCF with an additional 67 BCF to 347 BCF potentially present in the reef core if it were to be comprised of carbonate dominated materials.

Ideally 3D seismic would be acquired across the entire reef prior to drilling activity. Seismic acquisition and processing is currently budgeted at £3.5M with well costs estimated at £8M to £10M.

Lytham and Fairhaven Appraisal Opportunity

The Lytham-Fairhaven appraisal opportunity is located across blocks 41/5 and 41/10 takes the form of a large 4-way dip closed N-S oriented anticline compartmentalised by a series of roughly E-W oriented faults.  The key reservoir is a fractured Hauptdolomite platform carbonate and wells 41/5-1 (Walter Petroleum, 2004), 41/10-1 (Marathon, 1993) and 41/10-2z (Lundin, 2007) have demonstrated the presence of gas in the Zechstein but what limited testing was attempted failed to flow gas due to various technical issues during drilling.

The next logical next step for the prospect is to drill a directional appraisal well perpendicular to the intense fracture oriented with the axis of the anticline to demonstrate the ability of the reservoir to deliver gas from the fracture network at commercial rates

The Lytham-Fairhaven prospect is estimated to contain recoverable resources of between 70 BCF and 190 BCF with a Best Estimate (P50) Resource of 168 BCF.

Resource Summary

Licence P2252 contains a number of significant prospects in the Zechstein and Carboniferous which have a combined P50 Prospective Resources of 636 BCF.

Licence Ref CLNR Equity Prospect Type PRMS Status Prospective Resource (BCF) Risk Factor %
P90 P50 Mean P10
P2252 100% Lytham Fractured Hauptdolomite Prospect 52 123 137 244 49
Carboniferous Prospect 12 44 68 149 30
Fairhaven Fractured Hauptdolomite Prospect 18 45 53 98 43
Pensacola Fringing Reef Prospect 113 270 338 650 20
Lagoon Fill Prospect 67 154 186 347 16

Farm-in Opportunity

Given our 100% equity position in this licence CLNR is actively looking to attract funding and / or an Operating partner to support the maturation of this asset.

For more information please download the Lytham-Fairhaven farm-out flyer and Pensacola Prospect – Zechstein Patch Reef flyer.