P2252 is located to the north west of the recently commissioned Breagh gas field where gas is produced from tight Carboniferous sandstones. The licence area contains the Lytham and Fairhaven discoveries where historical wells proved the presence of gas in the Zechstein Carbonates and Carboniferous Sandstones although technical failures during the drilling and testing phases prevented a valid well test.

Block Details


Licence No: P2252 (Promote)
Quads: 41/5, 41/10, 42/1
Area: 349.4km2
Equity position: 100%
Commitment: Reprocess 10km 2D Seismic

Geological Summary

The Lytham and Fairhaven prospects are located across blocks 41/5 and 41/10 and gas has been proven at multiple levels by wells 41/5-1 (Walter Petroleum, 2004), 41/10-1 (Marathon, 1993) and 41/10-2z (Lundin, 2007) although only very limited testing was undertaken for commercial or technical reasons.

Both prospects are 4-way dip closures located over an early Carboniferous anticlinal structure with intra-Carboniferous and regional Permian Zechstein seals. The Westphalian coals, which are considered the source of gas for much of the SNS, are generally absent across the blocks however significant source potential is present in the deeper Namurian and Dinantian Shales including the Cementstone Formation both on the blocks and in smaller late Devonian/early Carboniferous basinal features immediately to the north west of the licence blocks. Gravity and geochemical data support the assumption that these local sources are more likely contributors to charge locally rather than a much riskier and lengthy migration route from the Sole Pit and Silver Pit kitchens to the south east.

A number of smaller prospects within the Zechstein have also been identified and are grouped together as the St Anne’s lead.

Resource Summary

Licence P2252 contains a number of significant prospects in the Zechstein and Carboniferous which have a combined P50 Prospective Resources of 636 BCF.

Licence Ref: CLNR Equity Prospect Type PRMS Status Prospective Resource (BCF) Risk Factor %
P90/Low P50/Best Mean P10/High
P2252 100% Lytham Fractured Hauptdolomite Prospect 52 123 137 244 49
Carboniferous Prospect 12 44 68 149 30
Fairhaven Fractured Hauptdolomite Prospect 18 45 53 98 43
Pensacola Fringing Reef Prospect 113 270 338 650 20
Lagoon Fill Prospect 67 154 186 347 16

Emerging Upside in Zechstein Carbonates

The Zechstein Carbonates have been targeted in eastern Netherlands over the last 50 years, where >20 gas fields have been discovered with a cumulative gas reserve of approximately 2.5TCF, however production has been limited in the Southern North Sea gas basin. The Zechstein fractured carbonate play targets the transition between slope and basin, where post-burial deformation enhances the reservoir characteristics of the carbonate. Mapping the production sweet spot is therefore critical to maximising the production potential of this play.

A rapid evaluation of the existing 3D volume using Lyme Bay’s Detailed Reconnaissance Study (DRS) workflow has identified a potential fractured corridor on block 41/10 with a strike length of several kilometres and a width of between 2 and 4 kilometres.

To highlight the production potential of this play an unoptimised production scenario was developed based on local reservoir characteristics and production analogues in the Netherlands. This indicated a potential OGIP in the region of 440 BCF and potentially recoverable gas of 280 BCF.


Screening assumptions Carbonate ramp 41/10
Reservoir thickness 50m
Draining area 7,000m by 3,000m
Porosity 10%
Sw 40%
Bgi 0.005
EUR per well 20BCF
Number of wells 14
Recoverable gas 280BCF

Farm-in Opportunity

Given our 100% equity position in this licence CLNR is actively looking to attract funding and / or an Operating partner to support the maturation of this asset.

For more information please download the Lytham-Fairhaven farm-out flyer and Pensacola Prospect – Zechstein Patch Reef flyer.