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Investing in GLobal Oil & Gas Mining Opportunities

A natural resources investing company

Cluff Natural Resources Plc is an AIM-listed natural resources investing company. It was founded by natural resources entrepreneur Algy Cluff to acquire and make strategic investments globally in natural resources projects and opportunities. To date the company has invested in both conventional and unconventional oil & gas assets in the UK as follows:

North Sea
In December 2014 the Company was awarded 5 licences carrying 11 blocks in the UK's 28th Offshore Licensing Round. All of the blocks are located in the Southern North Sea in close proximity to the Breagh Gas Field. The Company believes this is an under-explored, emerging area which is potentially responsive to the latest seismic and drilling technology, where fields can be developed quickly and infrastructure is evolving rapidly. All licences are 100% owned.

Underground Coal Gasification (UCG)
UCG is a process which involves targeting stranded coal & converting it into gas in-situ. It offers the potential for the UK to unlock the energy potential of the vast amount of the country’s un-mined coal. The Company has built a portfolio of 9 UCG licences in the UK covering a total of 680km² across England, Scotland and Wales. The Company's Founder, Algy Cluff, has extensive experience & contacts obtained during 40 years' of successful investing in the natural resource sector. In 1975, Algy was involved in the discovery of the Buchan oil field. The Buchan Field was one of the first discoveries made in the UK North Sea & is still producing to this day.